It started with a simple question: Where’s the best place you’ve gone for a ride? The responses – and photos – amazed us. Our Why We Ride family is truly worldwide: our fans have taken journeys that range from the back roads of Vietnam to the infamous Tail of the Dragon.

Narrowing down those rides into just one blog entry proved impossible. This is just the first in our Beautiful Rides series, featuring you and the amazing places you have been on a motorcycle.

Let’s start with a breathtaking vista submitted by Tomm Heath. This is the White Rim Trail Canyonlands in Utah. We just have one word: stunning!


We can already feel the wind on our face just by looking at this picture by Julian Rose. Southern France at its most beautiful, and its most twisty!


You don’t have to remind us that the U.S. has plenty of beautiful mountains and twisty roads, too! Kate Stoller’s ride through the Mosier Loop and Rowena Curves in Oregon looks like a dream trip for any rider who loves combining nature with horsepower.


For Garrol Mace, the best ride is about the people and the purpose, not the scenery. He snapped this moving photo in Washington, D.C. during the Rolling Thunder rally.


Canada’s Yukon Territory looks postcard-perfect in this submission from Thomas Pernau.


Greg McLain says that Big Bend National Park has long roads, which makes it perfect for taking in some of the most impressive vistas in all of Texas.


Another perfect picture, this time of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Edward Denzler says he intentionally left his motorcycle out of the photo so that you can picture yours there instead. “Better yet,” he adds, “go there.”


For Jennifer Meyer, there’s no place like home. The back roads near her home in Virginia give her a beautiful ride in her own backyard.


The picturesque copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona, has an equally picturesque ride up to its hilltop location. Mike Papierski captured it all in this one photo: big blue sky, beautiful view, and friendly riders on a curvy road. What more could you ask for?


No, Star Wars fans, it’s not Endor. It’s the Redwood Highway, and this black and white picture by Dave Rand captures the majesty of the trees beautifully.


We’ll have more Beautiful Rides posted in the future, so keep an eye out. You might see one of your own photos, or get inspiration for your next adventure!


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