Riding Along PCH

Some of the most dramatic – and beautiful – rides involve water. Whether it’s a road trip to the coast, riding on the beach or winding along a scenic coastline, this Beautiful Rides installment is dedicated to the water. We’ve got everything from oceans and lakes to the occasional fjord.

Colin Bayman said it best when he posted his riding preference: “any beach.”


Big Sur along California’s Highway 1 is a perennial hot spot for motorcycle riders who want breathtaking views. Rage Stewart captured this photo on one of his rides.


Dave Rand’s ride along the Pacific Coast Highway was a chance to make new friends of the feathered variety.


Canada arguably has some of the most beautiful beach rides, as demonstrated in Gerard Erit’s shot of Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail…


…And demonstrated again in Alain Larocque’s photo of the David Thompson Highway in Alberta.


Thanks to Jens Nordlund, now we all want to ride in Norway to see the Lofoten sights.


Carrie Woodward’s photo from Wales is a gorgeous ocean panorama on the U.K.’s West coast.


The Great Lakes provide some scenic beach rides, too. Josh Davis is a fan of riding the M119 to get vast lake views.


And as always, however beautiful the views might be, the ride is also about the camaraderie. Tanya Tunwar’s picture from Hawaii sums that up perfectly.



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