The original motion picture soundtrack of Why We Ride, composed by Steven Gutheinz and performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra takes the movie to a higher plane. In a Why We Ride movie review, wrote: “The music is up to the task of elevating the visuals throughout the film. While it does occasionally pull at the heartstrings a bit too earnestly, Steven Gutheinz’s music is mostly a perfect accompaniment to what is on the screen.”

It’s been a little over a year since the release of the film and so much has happened to everyone involved in Why We Ride. In this post, we chat with film composer Steven Gutheinz to see what he’s been doing since creating the gorgeous soundtrack to Why We Ride.

Why We Ride Soundtrack

Why We Ride: What have you been up to since composing the music for Why We Ride?
Steven Gutheinz (SG): I’ve mostly been writing music for commercials, trailers, some classical music and I’m just now finishing up a score for a comedic horror feature film.

WWR: Looking back at the Why We Ride film what do you recall as some interesting stories from the project?

SG: Looking back, I can’t believe how smoothly the recording session went. I had to record the entire score in one day, not counting an additional day of recording with solo cello and some guitar pre-records. But with the orchestra, it was just one day of recording. That was enormously challenging to say the least, but somehow we got each cue recorded, some of them in only one take, and I was even able to go back and do additional takes of a couple of the important cues.

WWR: One day! That’s awesome, Steven. So…what inspires you?

SG: If I’m working on a film score like Why We Ride, I find the visuals and cinematography really inspiring, without a doubt. But beyond that, I couldn’t really tell you. Music to me is an emotional experience primarily, and I approach my own music that way. I don’t know if that counts as inspiration, but that is where I’m coming from most of the time.

WWR: Why We Ride is a movie about passion and is fueled by passion. What are some of the things you are passionate about and how do they inform your art and your music?

SG: Well, first and foremost, I’m passionate about music. I sometimes take it for granted, sometimes it becomes “work” that I have to force myself to do, but ultimately I couldn’t live without it. I also really enjoy photography, mostly as a fan, but I have a dslr camera with a few prime lenses and I take a lot of photos. And I think maybe it has informed my music a little bit. I love photos because they capture a moment so well and it can be an emotional experience, not unlike music.

WWR: If you could score music for any film, what kind of film would it be? What kind of music would you like to compose?

SG: That’s a bit like picking a favorite classical composer, I could never do it. I like Beethoven just as much as I like Brahms or Sibelius or Prokofiev. And with film music and films, I find it just as difficult to pick a favorite score or film or even a favorite genre that I would like to work in. And I enjoy writing big orchestral music just as much as I enjoy writing music for just a handful of musicians or even just one instrument. I could never pick one over the other.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Why We Ride is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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