The Doffo Winery sits on the northeast border of the Temecula Valley in California. It is situated on 15 acres of rolling vineyards and the winery has a unique combination of old world charm and a warm family feeling. But the draw for many riders is the Doffo family’s private collection of over 100 racing and vintage motorcycles, which resides in the MotoDoffo Barrel Room.

Doffo Winery | Moto Doffo | Barrel Room

The father and son team of Marcelo and Damian Doffo are featured in Why We Ride. Damian recounts when producer/director Bryan H. Carroll and his wife visited the Doffo Winery for a wine tasting and mentioned that the Doffos would be great in his “film.” “We didn’t think it was true until the camera crew came. And then it really hit us when we were at the Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles.”

Doffo_Red Carpet

Riding groups that frequent Doffo Winery sometimes come because they saw the Doffos in Why We Ride, and other times, they discover the movie because they see it in the shop while wine tasting.


“Passion” is one thing that the Doffo Family and the makers of Why We Ride have in common. Not only a passion for riding, but a passion for their craft. “When you watch Why We Ride, you can see that the movie was born out of passion,” said Damian, “And our winery, our MotoDoffo collection – these are both our passion projects!”


The Doffo family’s love for motorcycles has grown to hosting moto-focused events, including a special fundraiser for the Kurt Caselli Foundation and the annual MotoDoffo Day.  To learn more about the Doffo Winery and the MotoDoffo Barrel Room and Vintage Motorcycle Collection, visit


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