With Valentine’s Day around the corner, our Why We Ride fans share how they have maintained a love for one another and their bikes. Looking for a fun romantic adventure for Valentine’s Day? Some of our fans have some pretty good ideas for those adventurous couples. Read and learn how these couples share their love for riding while sharing their love for each other.

This is Michele Busch and her husband in Baja, Mexico. They traveled two up over 1,000 miles off-rode during this trip. They plan to do long-distance travels again this year. Anyone interested in joining them?


Andy AP Palmer’s idea of a perfect date is doubling up on the track with his significant other. Can you blame him? #RelationshipGoals

vd_andy palmer

Lisa Castro’s man knows how to treat a woman to a perfect daytime date: two up crusin’ through a vineyard.


You know she is a keeper when she doesn’t ride, but still supports your love for ridding. “Got one of her wishing me luck before heading out on track to race, don’t ride on the road anymore but she is my pit crew” Says Alan Hughes.


Check out this power couple! Roland H. Eins and his lady share the key to a loving and long-lasting relationship — riding side by side.


Matias Zabaleta and Leticia Alvarez share their love for riding and love for one another, with their Cafe Racer all the way from Uruguay!


These couples fully believe in “Couples who ride together stay together.” We can say that we completely agree! This is just another reason Why We Ride. This Valentine’s Day be sure to spend it with your significant other on the back of a bike. Whether you ride 2-up or side-by-side, we promise it will be a date to remember.



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