If you’ve been a motorcyclist for a while, then you probably can’t imagine not riding. But for all of us, there was that day when we got our first ride. Everyone remembers their first motorcycle – usually with fondness, and sometimes with frustration if it was an old clunker. From kids on mini bikes to adults who finally achieved their dream of getting on two wheels, from daily commuters to dirt bikes, take a look at some of the first rides that all of you shared with us. Toni Alabakovski from Ohio, shared this photo of her daughter Mykaela with husband Bill. Toni said: ” We told her she had to wait until she turned 8 years old and her feet touched the floorboards, now she is hooked!!! I love seeing my little lady love riding just as much as her Daddy and I do, but I’m a little worried that I lost my seat and it’s time for me to ride my own!” Why We Ride | First Time | First Ride

Sean Hyvonen from Michigan, shared this photo with Why We Ride. “My little boy  Tyler’s first ride on a friends CRF50 mini super moto.”

First Time | Why We Ride

“I just got my first “big bike”! 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. Loving every ride!” wrote Carla Haley from Washington.

Carla | First Big Bike | Why We Ride

From Phillip in Ohio. “My first ride! 1972. Not quite 4 years old and still remember the sensation.”


Nathan Fant wrote:  “This is my first dual sport bike and I love it! 2014 Kawasaki KLR 650! My fiance are getting married this weekend and taking a trip on our bikes down the Pacific Coast highway!”



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  1. My first ride was on my dads Homda 90 we would ride it down to Rockisland to get in the motor car to check out the tracks when I was 5 my dad thought me to ride his Honda 90 around the house first and after I got good enough I made trails threw our orchard that was something I always looked forward to was when dad got home from work he would go out start the bike for me hold it tell I got going and once I was going I was having a blast going threw the orchard like a big kid the thrill of riding my dad’s bike by myself at that age made me feel like a grown up never for get the days on the Honda 90 and the feel of riding my first bike it’s something you never forget

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