“Every time you get on a motorcycle you feel grateful. You just feel grateful that you’ve got the ability to get on a motorcycle and go be free. And I think with a lot of that gratefulness comes the thought of you know, I should be doing something about this. Let’s help.”
Gordon McCall, Why We Ride

The Why We Ride fans are such a supportive and inspiring community. Through our Facebook page and other social media channels, we receive stories that inspire us and touch us, on a daily basis. And then there are the tragic stories that hit home and move us to help in our own humble ways.

Recently, we received a message from Why We Ride fan Ryan Gish from Michigan. He shared that he used to own a 1990 Harley Fatboy, which he recently traded for a muscle car with a man named Craig on Craigslist. According to Ryan: “I instantly fell in love with the car as Craig did with my Fatboy.”

Later that evening, tragedy struck. Craig was rear-ended and killed instantly as he was about to pull into the driveway of a family member, to show them his new motorcycle. “I only knew him for a day but a fellow rider will always be a brother.”

Craig Blackshear left behind his wife Heather and their three beautiful children ages 1, 7,and 8. The family will need a lot of financial help in the coming months and years to help get through this tragedy. You can make a donation in memory of Craig through GoFundMe.



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