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My love and passion for motorcycles was lucky enough to start at a very young age. My parents got back into motorcycles when I was around 6 years old. Since we all had busy lives (between jobs and my softball schedule) we spent the majority of our family time riding motorcycles. I was also lucky enough to have parents, who traveled as much as they could, so I could see almost the whole United States before the age of 23.

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At the age of 15, my parents finally agreed to get me a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I cherished this motorcycle and it was nice being the only teenager in my town to have one! My parents wanted me to learn to be safe and responsible on this motorcycle, therefore I could only ride when they were with me. I hated it back then, but it helped out so much when I was old enough to understand why they did that. I’ve done my fair share of stupid things on a motorcycle; however I realize that my parents did what they did to keep me safe and to help me realize and understand what it meant to ride a motorcycle.

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When I turned 21, I had the opportunity to upgrade to a Suzuki GSXR 600 (yes, I had my 250 for 6 years). I rode everywhere on this beast! I treasure this bike every single day of my life; it is another husband to me. When I was in college my motorcycle “slept” right beside my bed. Even though I juggled full time school, a full time job, and homework; I was still able to ride my bike nearly every day. Right before I graduated from college I ended up meeting the other love of my life, my husband. Now this story isn’t your average love story; no, it’s a literal motorcycle love story! We met at a motorcycle event, dated for a few months, got engaged, moved to Ohio together, and then got married a year later. What makes this story so special is that we had a full blown motorcycle wedding. My dad drove me to the aisle on his motorcycle, we had a bike chain chandelier, the groomsmen, groom, and preacher rode in on their bikes and then parked their bikes behind us, I had my bike parked behind the bridesmaids, and we even had a motorcycle wedding cake! I was lucky enough to have in-laws that rode and supported our passion for motorcycles too! Since my husband and I have been together, his parents “expect” to see a new toy in our garage every week! It seems like our garage changes as much as the weather changes in Arkansas.

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My parents, some close friends, and I all went to Colorado one year for our first motorcycle road trip. I have sweet memories from that time. Motorcycles are my life, literally! I learned on that trip the enjoyment, stress relief, and the all-around feel of a motorcycle on the highway. The world is one dimensional compared to the three dimensional world of a motorcycle. Everything is completely enhanced. You feel as though you are in the scenery instead of looking through glass.

One thing I have learned throughout the years is that people have their opinions about motorcycles, and they are not afraid to tell you how dangerous they are. I have had so many mean and hurtful comments made about me owning a motorcycle, especially when I was younger. I finally realized that I feel bad for people who have not ever been on a motorcycle because they will never understand a love like that. I love my husband, my parents, my sibling, my in-laws, and my friends; however the love is much deeper when you share the love on two wheels. I have been extremely lucky to have the exciting and adventurous life I was given. My love for motorcycles has influenced a lot of my decisions. For instance, ever since I drove my 250 for the first time ever, I knew right then that my future husband would have to have the same love and drive for motorcycles as I had.   You know motorcycles run your life when you and your significant other are house shopping and the most important must have is an amazing garage for all our toys! That is how we show our love for two wheels. How do you show your love?



  1. Hi. Nice to read this. My dougther want a bike, and also my girlfriend and my little son. I drive almost everyday to work and to every place… and in this daily flow, my pals are aware that motorcycle driving is not unsafe, and that when you love biking, you flow with the other vehicles, staring at things yo dont when you drive a car, and stopping when you feel something unusual in a corner or with some other cars in the highway. Again, nice to read this. Thanks for sharing. And a big wow for the motorcycle family wedding. 🙂

  2. Wait a minute; you’re living MY dream! Does your husband have a much older brother or single uncle who shares this love???

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