Why We Ride was happy to be a part of The Modern Classics Show by Martin Moto in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Why We Ride DVDs were some of the great door prizes given during their Friday evening Kick Start Party powered by Yamaha, which was attended by 300 guests. The show itself featured over 100 motorcycles from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, with an amazing mix of classics, customs and even a small gallery of mini bikes.

Martin Moto

Winner of both First Place in the Customs Group-People’s Choice and the Exhibitors Choice Award,Dave Williams(R) accepts his award and a Why We Ride DVD  from Modern Classics Show Manager Jack Broomall (L)


According to Jack Broomall from Martin Moto, “Despite the efforts of “the winter that just wont end (We had a foot of snow the day before the show!) approximately 1400 guests visited our little museum for a day. That’s a new record for our event.”

Martin Moto Modern Classics Show

Mural at Modern Classics Show

  Master artist Makoto Endo created large format motorcycle art during the Modern Classics Show

We asked Jack a few questions about the Modern Classics Show. Here are his answers.

Q. What inspired you to create the “Modern Classics Show?”
A. First, I have to say that it was the vision of our dealer principal, Dennis Martin, to create the Modern Classics. The idea had been gestating for some time but in late 2010 he found the time, and found that had the right people on staff, to take a stab at creating the show. The underlying idea was that there were shows and museums that effectively dealt with much “older” bikes (meaning ’40s, ’50s and even earlier) but the bikes that served as the introduction to motorcycling for the vast majority of the customers who walk into our store every day were the motorcycles of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. As enthusiasts ourselves ( we might be better “enthusiasts” than business people – but that’s another whole story) these were the bikes that we wanted to see, hear and touch once more. Not only that, but through conversations and networking we had come to realize that there were lots of these bikes still out there to be discovered. We looked at our spacious showroom and said “Why not?” and we went looking for 100 Modern Classics to show. The first Modern Classics Show was held in March, 2011.

Q. What is your personal favorite “modern classic” motorcycle and why?
A. Speaking for myself, I’m not sure I can pin it down to one bike but I can certainly narrow the scope to a category. I had ridden a friend’s motorcycle a fair amount while in high school (despite a strict parental prohibition, willfully ignored) but when I went away to college in the early 1970s one of my first order’s of business was to buy a motorcycle. The rather long list of bikes I longed for were the primarily the popular “Enduros” of the day – mostly two-stroke on and off road bikes like Yamaha’s ubiquitous 250cc DT1. Of course my semi-destitute student financial condition didn’t allow the purchase of a new enduro and I ended up with a fairly forgettable 90cc Kawasaki as my first bike. Nonetheless, even today, it is those early ’70s Enduros – the whole series of Yamahas, Suzuki Ts’s, and Kawasakis that I am drawn to at shows and ride-ins. They aren’t especially rare or collectible but they are definitely “the bikes that made me a motorcyclist.”

Q Why do you think classics are sort of making a comeback? (Ducati Scrambler etc.)
A. Clearly the “what’s old is new again” mentality has taken root in the motorcycle industry as it did in the auto industry some time ago (i.e Old/New Beetle, PT Cruiser, Return of Camaro/Challenger pony cars.) We think that for motorcyclists the reasons are all the same – a desire to re-experience some of the senses, visual, tactile, and auditory, of a simpler time. Of course, all this without some of the period “nuisances” that we’ve conveniently forgotten – hence a “New” Yamaha SR400 that is visually a clone of the the 1981 SR500 but with fuel injection instead of that big Mikuni carburetor. Motorcycling is, in it’s purest essence, a multi sensory feel-good experience, and for a great many enthusiasts, the chance to turn back the clock even a little, feels about as good as it can get.

The show will return next year on the first weekend in March – March 4-5, 2016. Save the date!

Martin Moto Art Display  Motorcycle art on display at The Modern Classics

MartinMoto_PeoplesChoice  People’s Choice Winner-Customs and Exhibitors Choice award winner – Dave Williams | Triton-British Custom


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