Need a quick relaxing get away? Forget a hammock. These Why We Ride fans ride out to the destinations near and far on their bikes for the ultimate relaxing experience. Check out how these riders use their motorcycle for a little more than just transportation.

Nick Kiplangat of Kenya, kicks up his feet and relaxes on a ride through South Africa. Kenya dig it? We sure can!

Nap | Nick Kiplangat

RoadKing Classic travels with a pillow so he can pull over and catch some Z’s during his trips. No wonder they call him the Road King.


Sharn Allman just finished building her first motorcycle with her dad. Now she has to test out its comfort for those roadside naps. Clearly, it’s two thumbs up!


Ebru Vardar Karaali snapped some pics of her husband snoozing on the streets of Istanbul.


Pritul Dey traveled around India during the holidays, stopping for quick catnaps along the way. Who needs a bed when you have a bike?


Apparently, Jose Bernier needs his bed and his bike to sleep at night. He doesn’t sleep on his bike… He sleeps with his bike. Who knew motorcycles were good for cuddling?


Billy Tziatas relaxes on his bike after a long day to watch the stars.


Thanks to all of our fans for sharing yet another reason Why We Ride. Whether you are traveling far or just need some space, kick up your feet and chill out roadside. Combat rider fatigue and take a nap. Just another reason why you love riding.



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