Robison Motorcycles in Daytona Beach, Florida is an institution. In our film, Why We Ride, Robison’s was the location for on-camera interviews with Buzz Kanter, Jay Allen, and Gloria Struck. In honor of Daytona Bike Week, we take a peek at the Daytona Beach institution.

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Still from the film Why We Ride

Joe Robison opened up Robison Harley Davidson in 1962. The first location was on Balou Road where he stayed for about a year, before moving to its present location 508 W. Volusia Ave, now known as International Speedway Boulevard. The shop is filled with rich Harley Davidson history, including some of the very first Harley and Davidson family photos, early dealer conventions, racing on the beach and more. Joe Robison was the original and only local Harley dealer in Daytona from 1962 to 1993, when he sold the dealership and changed his business to Robisons Motorcycles Sales and Service.

Robison Motorcycles | Daytona Beach Florida

Today Robison’s is still in business, specializing in motorcycles over 10 years old. It is one of the oldest motorcycle shops in Daytona Beach and has a large inventory of Harley Davidson Vintage parts.

Jordan Robison
Photo: Jordan Simmons (4th Generation) puts in some late night hours working on a bike.

Jecoa, Old Man Joe Robison’s grandson, now runs the shop. But we buying online buying online hear that Old Man Robison still leaves a box of tools out front every night for any lone biker who might need to work on his bike.

Willie G Davidson | Harley-Davidson

If you are in Daytona, do stop by Robison’s Motorcycles for motorcycle maintenance and repair, or step back in time and check out the vintage racing bikes, and listen to Daytona racing stories from Old Man Robison himself.

**Photos from Robisons Motorcycles Facebook page.**


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