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Recently, we asked a question on our Facebook page: how did you save up for your first motorcycle? Your answers – and your photos – made us nostalgic for our own early days of saving our pennies and dreaming of our first motorcycle. Timothy Crump set aside money he made working at a grocery store after school, and this picture of him from 1969 is classic. TimothyCrump Many of you knew you wanted a motorcycle when you were still young, so you took on any and all odd jobs to buy some two-wheeled freedom. David Lowe cut grass around his neighborhood. Curtis Botzet, as a 12 year old, baled hay and fed cows on a neighbor’s farm for the $250 he needed to get a Yamaha XT250. “Paper route” was one of the most common answers, too. Dan Bader used the money from his paper route to get a Honda ST 90. DanBader At only 14 years old, James Sullivan worked a summer job to save up the $100 it cost for a 1965 Honda with a 65cc motor. Now 60, James is still riding, though we suspect he’s gone up in engine size since that first ride. Lawrence Jojola got a job at Uncle Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He used the money to buy a 1972 Honda 100, then turned it into his commuter ride. LawrenceJojola Seventeen-year-old John Koboroff was clearly excited when he finally had enough money to buy a Yamaha YDS3 250 in 1970. JohnKoboroff How did you save up for your first motorcycle? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. I dreamed about a motorcycle for years, but the job I had in college simply wasn’t enough. I did my best to graduate, got a more stable job and made my first bank loan to get a Yamaha TDM from 1995. On the 2nd of August, me and my TDM have one year of “relationship”…
    Honestly i am proud because I made that bold move, and managed to pay-off my loan in a fairly short time 🙂 Worth every “penny” 😀

  2. It was a paper route that got me motorized, too. I started my route in Surrey, BC, in 1961, and the next year bought a 1954 Lambretta scooter for $50. I rode the hell out of it in the large pasture across the road, and sold it in 1965 for $10 and a transistor radio 🙂 I’ve moved up a bit since then – on bike #6 now, a 2009 Vstar 1100 Classic.

  3. I bought my first, new Yamaha Chappy 80cc street, at 11-y.o. In rapid succession, I sold current and bought used dirt bikes Yamaha 125cc, then 175cc, followed by mew Yamaha 350cc street @ 15-y.o. All except the Chappy were purchased by combining proceeds from previous bike sold with monies from: paper route, cutting grass, raking leave, and shoveling snow. The good old days.

  4. I had a ride as a pillion with my uncle on his chopped ’68 Bonneville when I was 9…that experience set the hook deep. I was in a 4H Beef club and sold my animal in mid-June of 1971and by July 1st I was riding my brand new Honda CL 70. I am 54 now and have never stopped riding. I currently own a 2006 Star Roadliner and a 2014 Suzuki DR 650. A friend and I are currently also building a custom chopper…it gets in your blood….

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