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You’ve heard of biker babes, of course, but what about biker babies? Let’s face it, there are few things in life as adorable as a baby on a motorcycle. Why We Ride features a lot of families, and these photos from our fans prove that you’re never too young to throw a leg over a motorcycle.

Let’s get started with this perfect, welcoming shot by Ian Somers:


You know your kids are growing up when they’re big enough to reach the handlebars, as seen in this photo by Linda Cluxton:


The same goes for Stewart Saunders’s grandson Ethan:


Graeme Plenderleith keeps baby Sebastian steady:


And Sean Hyvonen gives his baby boy a ride during a track day:


James Poff’s grandson Jase practices riding a Harley…


…While Kevin Miles proves that his son prefers sportbikes:


And we bid farewell to this week’s roundup, with a wave from Landon in this pic from Scott Mikesell:





NOTE: Featured Image above is baby Rowdy by Kasey Gavin Pederson-Sylvester