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The Worcester County Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund (WCMSF) in Massachusetts held a screening of Why We Ride to raise funds for their non-profit organization. WCMSF is a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of all volunteers. They also help promote motorcycle safety and awareness.

Deborah Ceccarini, WCMSF president, shared with us some photos and told us about the event. “We rented out a beautiful historic renovated movie theater in Clinton, MA, on a cold March Sunday afternoon to bring pure enjoyment to area bikers. We invited them to see the amazing documentary Why We Ride. This film summarizes perfectly what is in the heart and souls of riders of all ages from west coast to the east.”


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“We thought screening the movie was the perfect fundraiser. The day was very successful …the tearful comments from all leaving the theater were priceless. Everyone was so moved by this film.”

“In conjunction with our fundraising efforts by hosting this film event, we also helped promote Govenor Baker’s campaign proclaiming the last week of March thru April as Massachusetts Motorcycle Awareness Month. All attendees posed in front of the Check Twice signs for a photo shoot and we asked they post on their Facebook page to help spread the message!”

To learn more about the Worcester County Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund, visit wcmsfund.org
To book your own screening, click here.

“Every time you get on a motorcycle you feel grateful. You just feel grateful that you’ve got the ability to get on a motorcycle and go be free. And I think with a lot of that gratefulness comes the thought of you know, I should be doing something about this. Let’s help.”
Gordon McCall, Why We Ride

The Why We Ride fans are such a supportive and inspiring community. Through our Facebook page and other social media channels, we receive stories that inspire us and touch us, on a daily basis. And then there are the tragic stories that hit home and move us to help in our own humble ways.

Recently, we received a message from Why We Ride fan Ryan Gish from Michigan. He shared that he used to own a 1990 Harley Fatboy, which he recently traded for a muscle car with a man named Craig on Craigslist. According to Ryan: “I instantly fell in love with the car as Craig did with my Fatboy.”

Later that evening, tragedy struck. Craig was rear-ended and killed instantly as he was about to pull into the driveway of a family member, to show them his new motorcycle. “I only knew him for a day but a fellow rider will always be a brother.”

Craig Blackshear left behind his wife Heather and their three beautiful children ages 1, 7,and 8. The family will need a lot of financial help in the coming months and years to help get through this tragedy. You can make a donation in memory of Craig through GoFundMe.