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Why We Ride | Winter Riding | Fan Photos

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful West Coast riding weather this time of year. Even riders in some countries are soaking up the sun in their summer season right now! Fortunately, for Why We Ride fans, in colder climates, that has not stopped them from doing what they love. These dedicated riders don’t let anything stand between them and their love for riding. Not even the snow! These people are taking on a new meaning of snow sports with “Ice Racing”.

Ferdinand San Pedro from Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing Association posted this photo of him taking advantage of the weather ice racing on a quad.

Ice Racing | Ferdinand San Pedro | Why We Ride


Alan Beaulieu shared that the Northeast isn’t affected by the weather either. He wrote, “We live for ice racing in the north east also.”

Why We Ride | Snow | Alan Beaulieu

Corneliu Alexandru Radoi from Romania isn’t afraid of icy conditions this season.


For some, it is all about the tough weather conditions. John Hillary stated, “In #Michigan, we could care less about summer riding. It is all about ice racing for us!”


Freezing temps and lots of snow won’t stop this motorcyclist!  This one is from Kristian Steen Sørensen in Denmark!


Per Strømsæther, from Norway, shared his love for riding in fresh snowfall.

Snow_Per Strømsæther

“Its all just a state of mind.” Ed March stated. As he enjoys a camping trip out in the wilderness with his ride.


Craig Cunningham shared a photo outside a local bar with their snow transportation. “Ice Racing” just might be another reason for why we ride.





We’ve been featuring a lot of your photos from rides throughout the United States lately, so we thought we’d go abroad this week and take a look at some of the places you’ve ridden in other countries.

Roman Cylkowski’s photo of the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa gets us started with our virtual world tour.


From the warmer climates of South Africa we head north to the snow-covered Italian Alps, courtesy of Nick Uhri.


While most of the photos from abroad showed the geography of the place, Gallo Negro Madrigal went for this impressive scene from Toledo, Spain.


Matt Jenkins posted this picture of a quiet country lane lined by hedgerows in Southern England. That single-lane road is probably for traffic heading in both directions. Watch out!


More mountains greet us in Pakistan, where Abdul Hanan got this gorgeous picture.


Our next stop is northern Thailand, a preferred riding spot for Nigel Goode.


Vietnam was a very popular choice for riding abroad. Jimi Swan sent us this shot of a ride along the Ho Chih Minh Trail, with mountains for a backdrop.


Finally, our virtual tour heads down under for this shot of the Victorian High Country in Australia, taken by Steven Whitfield.


This photo of Joe Sparrow in Vietnam pretty much sums up the goal of any ride, whether it’s at home or abroad: have fun!