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I Am Sturgis

By Bryan H. Carroll

When you create a film like Why We Ride, it is a commitment to telling a story that unfolds before you. It’s like going on a journey without knowing the destination. What we knew for sure, was that the topic, motorcycling, was something we were very passionate about. Projects like these, in which you put your heart and soul, have a long term effect on your life.

There were two locations we filmed at on Why We Ride that had an immediate emotional effect on us. One was Bonneville, and the other, was Sturgis. We knew even back then that we would be back sometime in the future to explore the stories in those places. Sturgis was the one place we could not stop talking about. It always came up in conversations. It was our first filming location for Why We Ride.


Photo shows our production team while filming Why We Ride at Bonneville

When I was a kid, my step-father would bring me back shirts and stories from Sturgis. So I knew even then I would be going there one day. When I did finally make it to Sturgis, I was overwhelmed. There is a spirit there that enters you and grabs onto your heart. The beauty of the Black Hills is God given and you can feel it in the air. You can put your hand on a boulder there and you feel this energy, and then you can understand why the Native American’s hold this place sacred.

At Sturgis, I saw a community of some of the most patriotic people. I felt so proud to be an American and realized at that moment that Sturgis is not just a place, it is who we are. When you say I am an American, it’s not about your address or even where you were born. It’s in your DNA. It’s your spirit. It’s why for the last 200 years people from all over the world have come to this country. It was always in them, they just needed a place to all gather and to be around like-minded people. This is the same story as Sturgis.


(Left to Right) Bryan H. Carroll, Mark Carstensen (Mayor, City of Sturgis), Brenda Vasknetz (Rally Director, City of Sturgis), & James Walker

Now more than any time in history, we need to tell THIS story to the next generation. “I Am Sturgis” is bold. It’s to the point about who we are. It’s bold, like my parents and ancestors, who made that long journey to come to this country. It’s bold like General Sturgis and the pioneers who went west. It’s bold like the hundreds of thousands of motorcyclist who make the Journey each year to gather with friends from around the world. It’s bold like America.


To learn more about the project and to help make this movie a reality,  pledge your support at iamsturgis.com

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We have often been asked “When’s the next movie?” “What’s it about?” Well, the time is now and the movie is about Sturgis. Our Why We Ride production team is in the thick of promoting our Kickstarter campaign to fund our new project : “I Am Sturgis.”



“We’ve received thousands of letters from fans telling us that after seeing Why We Ride they decided to ‘throw their leg over two-wheels’ and become motorcyclists,” says James Walker, producer of Why We Ride. “We cannot stop with just one movie. This is now a movement, and we would love to have the community help us continue telling these inspiring stories about our motorcycle culture.”

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The impetus for the new movie stems partly from this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally being the 75th Anniversary of that motorcycling institution. In recent years, the Sturgis rally has drawn half a million participants, but attendance estimates for this year’s anniversary rally exceed one million riders. There may never be a better time to capture the passion, dedication and camaraderie of the motorcycling community, and there certainly is no better place than the iconic Sturgis gathering.

When making Why We Ride, Sturgis was the first filming location, and it had an immediate emotional effect on the filmmakers. “There is a spirit there that enters you and grabs your heart,” says Bryan H. Carroll, producer/director. “The beauty of the Black Hills is God given. You put your hand on a boulder and you feel this energy; you can feel it in the air. It’s easy to understand why American Indians hold this place sacred.”

“Sturgis is not just a place—it’s who we are,” continues Carroll. “When you say, ‘I am an American,’ it’s not about your address or even where you were born. It’s in your DNA, your spirit. It’s why people from all over the world have been coming to this country for the past 250 years. It was always in them—they just needed a place to gather and be around like-minded people. This is the same story as Sturgis. There are many of us out there who are still venturing, still seeking out that next journey.”

To launch “I Am Sturgis,” we need your help. Why We Ride Films hope hopes to raise $350,000 of the production budget for I AM STURGIS through their Kickstarter campaign. There are many contribution levels, starting with “The Wave,” a $5 donation that gets you a digital version of the movie poster. A $15 “First Ride” donation earns an early digital download of the film. Increasing donations up to $75 are rewarded with patches, pins, stickers, T-shirts and limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD film combo packs. Large-dollar (ranging from $125 to $10,000) donators receive Sturgis 75th Anniversary Club Rewards, movie premiere passes, and they can even get production credits (up to “associate producer” and “co-executive producer”) and private theatrical screenings in their hometowns.

“We made www.whyweride.com about a community,” says producer James Walker. “Now, we want to invite the community to help make our next film: I AM STURGIS!”

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