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Why We Ride | Bryan H. Carroll

Ashley Phillips from the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows interviews Why We Ride producer/director Bryan H. Carroll about “Why We Ride.” Hear how Bryan and the entire crew were changed by the movie. “ I told my crew, if we’re not changed by the end of this movie then we haven’t done our jobs as filmmakers. You really have to completely jump inside the movie …” Find out what he learned while making this movie.

“This movie was made for the rider, the passionate rider. We made this movie for them to take and share with their families.” – Bryan H. Carroll, Why We Ride


If you’ve ever been to an AMA Pro Road Race or Pro Flat Track race then you’ll recognize the voice of Barry Boone. In addition to being the voice of AMA Pro Racing, Barry is a third generation motorcyclist and has logged more than a million miles on two wheels. With twelve years of radio experience under his belt and extensive motorcycle knowledge, Barry’s show “Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone” on Next Moto Champion is a terrific program and is definitely worth a listen.

This week’s featured guests are Why We Ride’s very own Bryan H. Carroll and James Walker! Barry will be talking to Bryan and James about the making of the film and the impact it has had on the motorcycle community. Tune in for the live broadcast this Wednesday, August 27th at 8:00pm ET (5:00pm PT) or listen to the episode later.

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