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Motorcycle Tour Raises Much-needed Funds for The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

The “Why We Ride” film, released in 2013, has become the #1 motorcycle movie in America because it is a story about who we are. It tells the stories of individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore.

The movie hit an emotional nerve with riders, and it has spawned an entire social movement within the industry.

Director–Producer Bryan H. Carroll and Producer James Walker have been both gratified and inspired by the devotional response to their movie, and they decided they needed to harness the passion of their fans and use it to do something positive. The Why We Ride MOTOvational Events came out of this revelation and intention.

The 3rd Invitational WHY WE RIDE to the Quail benefiting The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation just became the largest annual charity event Why We Ride organizes, and it took place this year on May 4, 5 and 6.

3rd Invitational Why We Ride to The Quail 2017

Why We Ride was also thrilled to welcome the wonderful organization Veterans Charity Ride as a partner for the event. The AMA sanctioned ride began in Moorpark, Calif., and headed to picturesque Pismo Beach, Calif., moved up into the wooded hillsides and gorgeous valleys of Paso Robles wine country, followed the Carmel River along the most seductive canyon road in California, and arrived at the beaches of Monterey in time for The Quail Motorcycle Gathering.

“Three years ago we thought we would attract only ‘motorcycle people’ on the ride,” says Bryan Carroll, producer and organizer of the event. “We quickly realized that, like the movie, our audience was really people who ride motorcycles, which is a very different thing, and has made a huge difference.

“Thinking of it in those more-inclusive terms expanded our sponsor base and appeal, and that’s how we doubled our participation numbers and tripled our contribution to The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation this year. I’m very proud of our team for not only seeing the greater potential for good, but realizing it. We are dedicated to pushing harder every year.”

3rd Invitational Why We Ride to The Quail Doubles in Size

The upshot is that riders of all stripes, some traveling from as far as India and Mexico City, but all with a common love of motorcycle riding came together and took part. Of course, everyone loves a good cause, but the diversity of sponsors and participants really illustrated how the Hollywood and motorcycling communities united to benefit those in need, namely children with serious medical issues.

Harley-Davidson was gracious enough to lend ride captains and organizers new touring models for the trek, and over 71 riders participated, which doubled the numbers from last year. A combination of top motorcycle and riding accessories manufacturers joined with the biggest and best equipment makers and creative service providers in Hollywood, and the unique nature of the 3-day ride allowed riders to demo products like NUVIZ and Indian Motorcycles along the way

“One of the reasons we have multiple OEMs sponsoring us is because this is about why we ride not what we ride,” says Carroll. “I wanted to bring my two passions to this ride, which is making movies and anything with an engine in it, and this year’s sponsors captured that.”

Participants in the charity ride enjoyed a bevy of perks (in addition to the awesome ride), including watching whales at the Pismo Beach BBQ, a catered lunch at the historic 1773 San Antonio Mission, cocktails and a 5 star meal at the WWR Riders Banquet Dinner, gift bags, special inspirational guest speakers, VIP access to The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, including a private ride to the event, exclusive parking and private lounge access. There was also a raffle with over $6000 of swag and gifts donated from the sponsors and guests. Keith Hernandez was this year’s winner of The Steve Moore Spirit of the Ride Award and got a custom leather jacket made by D73 and Serge Bueno.

The 3rd Invitational WHY WE RIDE to The Quail benefiting The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation would not have been possible without the generosity and dedication of its sponsors—these included: Company 3, Refuse Specialists, Nuviz, Indian Motorcycle, Motorcycle Mover LA, Newbox Solutions, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Macro Space, Aerial Vuz, Gnarlynow Entertainment, Lightning Entertainment, Harley-Davidson, Klock Werks, D73, 805bling, Doffo Winery, LA Motorcyclist, FastHouse, Formosa Group, Fotokem, Lucky Fools, Harvest Construction, Egrafz, EPS-Cineworks, Carol Hicks Hand Lettering and the Bill Bavelas and Tim Mitchel Family.

Source: https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2017/05/11/3rd-invitational-ride-quail-doubles-size/


Why We Ride | Winter Riding | Fan Photos

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful West Coast riding weather this time of year. Even riders in some countries are soaking up the sun in their summer season right now! Fortunately, for Why We Ride fans, in colder climates, that has not stopped them from doing what they love. These dedicated riders don’t let anything stand between them and their love for riding. Not even the snow! These people are taking on a new meaning of snow sports with “Ice Racing”.

Ferdinand San Pedro from Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing Association posted this photo of him taking advantage of the weather ice racing on a quad.

Ice Racing | Ferdinand San Pedro | Why We Ride


Alan Beaulieu shared that the Northeast isn’t affected by the weather either. He wrote, “We live for ice racing in the north east also.”

Why We Ride | Snow | Alan Beaulieu

Corneliu Alexandru Radoi from Romania isn’t afraid of icy conditions this season.


For some, it is all about the tough weather conditions. John Hillary stated, “In #Michigan, we could care less about summer riding. It is all about ice racing for us!”


Freezing temps and lots of snow won’t stop this motorcyclist!  This one is from Kristian Steen Sørensen in Denmark!


Per Strømsæther, from Norway, shared his love for riding in fresh snowfall.

Snow_Per Strømsæther

“Its all just a state of mind.” Ed March stated. As he enjoys a camping trip out in the wilderness with his ride.


Craig Cunningham shared a photo outside a local bar with their snow transportation. “Ice Racing” just might be another reason for why we ride.





WWR_RideForKids_FacebookCover_02 (1)

We are all different. We look different, we talk different, we believe different things. But none of that matters because  we are motorcyclists. And motorcyclists are a different breed of human altogether. We set aside our differences and we celebrate life on two wheels. We are compassionate. We are caring. We are eager to give help to those that need it.

This holiday season we’ve partnered with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. As a motorcyclist, you may be familiar with their fundraising program Ride for Kids. The PBTF uses programs like Ride for Kids to raise money to support families afflicted by this disease, and they also fund research aimed at ending this disease once and for all. Now through the end of the year, $5 from every DVD sold here on our website will be donated to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

We have an opportunity for you. You have the power to make a difference in people’s lives, people that are close to you, people you’ve never met. With this fundraiser, you can make an impact in two ways. Share your passion with your friends or your family. Buy them a DVD, or lend them your copy, and show them why motorcycling is so important to you. And as an added bonus, for each copy we sell, we’re making a $5 donation to the PBTF. This holiday season, give the gift of motorcycling passion AND help make a difference by supporting the PBTF. And if you’d simply like to make a direct donation to the PBTF, click here.

Click here to buy your copy and support the kids!

From all of us here at Why We Ride, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm, and we wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season!

Why We Ride | IMS Long Beach

The Long Beach, CA stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show was extra special for Why We Ride. It was, after all, the show closest to home! Why We Ride even set up a tent right outside the entrance, where fans got posters and other swag, as well as, got a chance to meet Why We Ride producer James Walker.

Why We Ride | IMS Long Beach

Why We Ride star, comedian Alonzo Bodden also stopped by IMS Long Beach. He and James were interviewed on stage at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Alonzo and James Talk Why We Ride at IMS Long Beach


At the show, Why We Ride producer James Walker had fun checking out the latest and greatest motorcycles and gear.

Why We Ride Producer James Walker



Why We Ride producer/director Bryan H. Carroll also visited the International Motorcycle Show at Long Beach.

Bryan H. Carroll | IMS Long Beach

When two filmmakers meet! Why We Ride producer/director Bryan H. Carroll shown here with Penton: The Jack Penton Story director Todd Huffman.

At the end of Day 1 at the International Motorcycle Show at the Long Beach Convention Center, Why We Ride held a little party at Alegria Cocina Latina to celebrate our one year anniversary!

Friends and supporters turned out for our intimate gathering and we enjoyed the ambience, the Latin-inspired dishes and of course, the drinks!



James Walker and Brian Klock with friends from Victory Motorcycles. 


Even All Girls' Garage host Cristy Lee joined the fun.

Even All Girls’ Garage host Cristy Lee joined the fun. 

A Toast!  James Walker with the crew from Acorn Woods, Road Runner Magazine and Alt Rider.

 A Toast! James Walker with the crew from Acorn Woods, Road Runner Magazine and Alt Rider.

What a great night that was and what an awesome ride it’s been. There are still 6 more IMS shows to go. Remember that you can avail of our special DVD combo deal. Purchase a single day ticket to any IMS show and you can buy the Why We Ride DVD for $6.

Thank you to all our friends and fans. And to Alegria Cocina Latina for hosting our group of passionate riders, and movers and shakers of the motorcycle industry. CHEERS!


Colin Edwards and participants of his Texas Tornado BootCamp celebrated their last day of bootcamp by holding a Why We Ride movie night!  Despite his “semi-retirement,” Colin Edwards, aka the Texas Tornado, is still very active in the motorcycle industry.  His “Texas Tornado Boot Camp” in Montogomery, TX (near Lake Conroe) is a premier training facility for anyone looking to improve their skills, from new riders to pros and everyone in between.

photo 1 (2)

In August this year, Yamaha paid tribute to Colin Edwards with a cool video (watch it below), when the two-time World Superbike Champion and U.S. MotoGP racer announced his retirement. “MotoGP is a young man’s game and it always has been that way. Maybe I’m just not willing to throw it all on the line to make that last lap pass.” Colin told FoxSports. “I feel like it on the track but when I’m off the track I just feel it is nice hanging out at home.”

More recently, at the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Florida, Colin and his wife, Alyssia helped launch the all-new Yamaha YZF-R3. With his charming Texas drawl and trademark sense of humor, Colin and Alyssia Edwards starred in this comical video that pokes fun at his retirement and promotes Yamaha’s first pass at a smaller entry-level sport bike.


Be sure to visit the Texas Tornado website and Facebook page for more information on Colin’s awesome camp!

Why We Ride create a meme contest

You know those images paired with quotes or inspiring messages? They are called memes. Why We Ride loves to create and share these images that inspire people. Our aim is to inspire, educate and celebrate motorcycling. This fall we are launching a creative social media contest and we want YOU to be a part of it.

The rules are simple:

Why We Ride invites you to get creative and create your own meme-tastic images. Snap a photo and pair it with some text. Be creative. Use the hashtags #wwrinspires #whyweride

Photos MUST be taken by YOU.

Find words of inspiration or a quote (remember to give proper credit!). Bonus points if you quote from our movie!

Contest will run from: September 16 – November 1, 2014

The Why We Ride team will select the TOP 24 images and present them to Why We Ride Fans.

The 12 Most Popular Images will then enter the FINAL ROUND of judging.

Why We Ride Panel of Judges will choose the TOP 3 WINNERs.

Winners will receive awesome prizes from Why We Ride and friends.

Here are some examples:

Dirt Flying

Seven Days a Week


And here are some memes created by our passionate Why We Ride fans!

Photo by Akash Anandh


Photo by Mariah Lacy
Photo by Mariah Lacy


Finally, here are examples wherein we paired QUOTES from our movie, Why We Ride with images.

Ed Kretz_tbt_quote




So go out and ride, take a photo and get creative.

How to Submit:

Via Instagram:

Follow @whyweride on Instagram

Tag @whyweride and/or  USE HASHTAGS in your CAPTION  #whyweride #wwrinspires

Via Email.

Email your image with your name, email address and some info about the photo to >> submit@whyweridefilm.com 



Producer James Walker | Director Bryan Carroll | Why We Ride

Today, Why We Ride celebrates two years since production started! The crew met at 8:00am on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, to start a project that has been transformative for all of us. We filmed, edited and released Why We Ride 15 months later. Over the past two years, we have traveled to the most iconic motorcycle events and shops, and we have been embraced by the motorcycling community. It has been a busy and fulfilling two years!

Our shooting schedule that day was at David Hansen’s The Shop in Ventura, California. We interviewed both David and Johnny McClure, and got footage in and around The Shop. Check out this call sheet from that first day! (Click on the image for a larger view!)


As you can see, it was a full day of work, and when we got back to the studio that evening, it was time to get packed and prepped for the trip to Sturgis. (But more on that trip later!)


Red, White and Blue Ridge

The Fourth of July is upon us, which means our American fans will be cooking out, watching fireworks shows and celebrating Independence Day.

To celebrate the day of red, white and blue, we thought we would share some of your photos from the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Tail of the Dragon is, of course, an iconic stretch of road. With 318 curves in 11 miles, conquering it is a rite of passage for many a motorcycle rider. But there are plenty of other spectacular rides through the mountains, like the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Cherohala Skyway.

We’ll get started with a virtual tour of The Tail of the Dragon. First up is this scenic picture from Achim Franz.


Kenneth James shows us that lean angle helps if you’re trying to slay the Dragon.


And that twisty challenge isn’t just for sportbike riders and lightweight bikes. Plenty of big bikes are capable to taking on those curves, as Sohail Rezeq proves.


Cyn Tee shared this lovely view from Skyline Drive in Virginia, which winds through Shenandoah National Park.


Twelve miles, 160 curves and a 2,000-foot elevation drop are some of the things that make Devil’s Whip in North Carolina a popular riding spot. Jeremy Gilliland cranks his bike over along that section of NC State Road 80.


Paula Yetman proves that a beautiful Blue Ridge road doesn’t have to have a fancy name. There are plenty of roads in North Carolina that offer pristine views and lots of curves.


The Cherohala Skyway has been designated a National Scenic Byway. If you’ve ever ridden its 40-plus miles, you understand why. If you haven’t been there yet, Esteban Rottenberg can tell you what an amazing ride it is.


Karen Bataille shows us why the Blue Ridge Parkway continues to be a favorite ride on the East Coast.


At 5,946 feet in height, Grandfather Mountain is the tallest peak on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Kathy Harrison captured this view overlooking the land for miles around.


Why We Ride Soundtrack

To celebrate the release of the Why We Ride soundtrack, we sat down with composer Steven Gutheinz to talk about his inspiration for the incredible music that sets the tone for every scene of the movie.

What is your background as a composer?

My background is mostly as a film/TV/commercial composer. I’m classically trained and I love orchestral and chamber music and have written some concert music, but most of my real world experience has been as a media composer working in Hollywood.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you while working on Why We Ride?
The filmmakers had this amazing and very detailed outline of the film, complete with photos and descriptive text, on the wall of a huge warehouse space that doubled as the production office. It covered the entire length of the warehouse and it was impressive. Structure is such a huge part of composing music, and to see a film laid out like that and to hear the director describe in detail his vision for the music was inspiring. Our initial conversation about the wall stuck with me throughout the scoring process, and I’d like to think we were true to his vision for the music.

How did motorcycles influence your work on this film?
I’m inspired by visuals, and there were so many great visual moments in this film and, of course, they all involve a motorcycle. One of my favorite moments involving sound is the end of the Daytona scene where the pitch of the motorcycle matches the pitch of the music so well, it almost sounds like it’s part of the music. I love it. This is wholly due to the great work of the sound designers: they pitched the motorcycle sound to match the music.

How closely did you work with the filmmakers to develop the soundtrack?
Very closely. I made very detailed mockups of each cue, to the point that there is almost no difference between the mockups and the final cues aside from live orchestra and better mixing. This is par for the course with film music, and it allows the filmmakers to hear the music and give feedback as I’m writing it. They also were able put my mockups in the film as cues were approved and they were finalizing their edit.

What piece in Why We Ride is your favorite?
My favorite track is probably “The Waltz,” which coincidentally is the only cue on the soundtrack that wasn’t written to picture. The plan was for me to write a waltz that they would then edit a scene to. That didn’t pan out as planned, but I went ahead and recorded it and we used it in the end credits, which worked out great. I’m so glad it made it into the film.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
Believe it or not, I have never ridden a motorcycle. Ever. Not even a scooter.

Comment below and tell us your thoughts on Steven’s outstanding soundtrack, and don’t forget to pick up your copy! Available on iTunes and Amazon.

amazon-button-final itunes-button-final


It started with a simple question: Where’s the best place you’ve gone for a ride? The responses – and photos – amazed us. Our Why We Ride family is truly worldwide: our fans have taken journeys that range from the back roads of Vietnam to the infamous Tail of the Dragon.

Narrowing down those rides into just one blog entry proved impossible. This is just the first in our Beautiful Rides series, featuring you and the amazing places you have been on a motorcycle.

Let’s start with a breathtaking vista submitted by Tomm Heath. This is the White Rim Trail Canyonlands in Utah. We just have one word: stunning!


We can already feel the wind on our face just by looking at this picture by Julian Rose. Southern France at its most beautiful, and its most twisty!


You don’t have to remind us that the U.S. has plenty of beautiful mountains and twisty roads, too! Kate Stoller’s ride through the Mosier Loop and Rowena Curves in Oregon looks like a dream trip for any rider who loves combining nature with horsepower.


For Garrol Mace, the best ride is about the people and the purpose, not the scenery. He snapped this moving photo in Washington, D.C. during the Rolling Thunder rally.


Canada’s Yukon Territory looks postcard-perfect in this submission from Thomas Pernau.


Greg McLain says that Big Bend National Park has long roads, which makes it perfect for taking in some of the most impressive vistas in all of Texas.


Another perfect picture, this time of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Edward Denzler says he intentionally left his motorcycle out of the photo so that you can picture yours there instead. “Better yet,” he adds, “go there.”


For Jennifer Meyer, there’s no place like home. The back roads near her home in Virginia give her a beautiful ride in her own backyard.


The picturesque copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona, has an equally picturesque ride up to its hilltop location. Mike Papierski captured it all in this one photo: big blue sky, beautiful view, and friendly riders on a curvy road. What more could you ask for?


No, Star Wars fans, it’s not Endor. It’s the Redwood Highway, and this black and white picture by Dave Rand captures the majesty of the trees beautifully.


We’ll have more Beautiful Rides posted in the future, so keep an eye out. You might see one of your own photos, or get inspiration for your next adventure!