Why We Ride create a meme contest

You know those images paired with quotes or inspiring messages? They are called memes. Why We Ride loves to create and share these images that inspire people. Our aim is to inspire, educate and celebrate motorcycling. This fall we are launching a creative social media contest and we want YOU to be a part of it.

The rules are simple:

Why We Ride invites you to get creative and create your own meme-tastic images. Snap a photo and pair it with some text. Be creative. Use the hashtags #wwrinspires #whyweride

Photos MUST be taken by YOU.

Find words of inspiration or a quote (remember to give proper credit!). Bonus points if you quote from our movie!

Contest will run from: September 16 – November 1, 2014

The Why We Ride team will select the TOP 24 images and present them to Why We Ride Fans.

The 12 Most Popular Images will then enter the FINAL ROUND of judging.

Why We Ride Panel of Judges will choose the TOP 3 WINNERs.

Winners will receive awesome prizes from Why We Ride and friends.

Here are some examples:

Dirt Flying

Seven Days a Week


And here are some memes created by our passionate Why We Ride fans!

Photo by Akash Anandh


Photo by Mariah Lacy
Photo by Mariah Lacy


Finally, here are examples wherein we paired QUOTES from our movie, Why We Ride with images.

Ed Kretz_tbt_quote




So go out and ride, take a photo and get creative.

How to Submit:

Via Instagram:

Follow @whyweride on Instagram

Tag @whyweride and/or  USE HASHTAGS in your CAPTION  #whyweride #wwrinspires

Via Email.

Email your image with your name, email address and some info about the photo to >> submit@whyweridefilm.com 




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