The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the mecca for racing on two wheels or four.  From August 7-10, 2014,  MotoGP, the premier level of motorcycle road racing, was held at Indy. Our film Why We Ride joined forces with Cycle World, Motorcyclist, and Sport Rider magazines to create an exhibition, “The Pagoda Show,” which showcased 200 fan-owned motorcycles as part of the Indianapolis round of the 2014 MotoGP Championship, in the shadow of the world-famous Indy Pagoda in Pagoda Plaza. Why We Ride producer James Walker attended IndyMotoGP for the first time and shares his experience.

James Walker | IndyMotoGP
Why We Ride Producer James Walker

WWR BLOG (BLOG): It was your first time at Indy right? What was it like?

JAMES WALKER (JW):   “Yes. It was great. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is such a special place with its rich racing history. To experience MotoGP at the Speedway was really special.

BLOG: What was the highlight of your first trip to a Indy MotoGP?

JW: “Meeting all the fans who had traveled so far to come cheer their favorite racers. Some had come thousands of miles for a chance to see their hero’s race and win. There was such a sense of celebration for motorcycle road racing in the air. These MotoGP fans are so passionate and I love that about them!”

Pagoda Show
Pagoda Show

BLOG: Did you meet any Why We Ride fans? What were their reactions?

JW: “Yes! I love every chance we get to meet our fans. Their reactions were similar to what we’ve experienced when we’ve met them at other events. Many wanted to share with me how our film has inspired them, or how they have been able to share their love of motorcycling with others by sharing our film.”
BLOG: How was the Pagoda Show?

JW: “It was really neat. There were so many different bikes, from customs to classic to racers. To see such a diverse array of bikes in one place really put into perspective how unique and large our great motorcycling community is.”

Why We Ride sponsored The Pagoda Show  in partnership with Cycle World, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider Magazines.
Why We Ride sponsored The Pagoda Show in partnership with Cycle World, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider Magazines.
Some bikes at the Pagoda Show.

BLOG: What 3 items would you like to see/bring/do next year, if and when, you go back to Indy?

JW: #3. Spend more time at Motorcycles on Meridian.  #2. Sneak a lap on the Indy Mile! #1. Sneak a lap on the Speedway!  (They’d probably never let me do #2 and #1, but a guy can dream, right!?)

We witnessed amazing races and met awesome people.

We got to meet the FIM| Women In Motorcycling!
We got to meet the FIM| Women In Motorcycling!


Ron Benfield | IndyMotoGP
That’s Acorn Woods Communications (Why We Ride’s PR agency) Ron Benfield trying to get a picture by Valentino Rossi’s bike (it’s to the right no. 46)

We also attended Motorcyclist Magazine’s MOTY (Motorcycle of the Year Awards) and got a peek at the magazine’s new look coming in October.

And even caught a glimpse of IndyMotoGP winner Marc Marquez!

Marc Marquez


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